VIDEO: I Believe We’re in the Age of Automation: How AI and Tools Like Zapier and Are Transforming My Business

In this video, I want to talk about how I believe we are entering an era of automation, where AI and various tools can significantly streamline and optimize our business processes. I’ve noticed a growing trend of AI-generated content, such as privacy policies, product descriptions, and even Facebook posts.

I share my personal experience with automation tools like Chewy’s auto-ship for my pet supplies and for video transcription. I then introduce two powerful automation tools that I think are worth exploring: Zapier and These tools allow me to create “zaps” or “scenarios” that automate tasks, such as sending form data to various platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Google Sheets, auto-replying to Instagram comments, and even summarizing my emails using AI.

I strongly believe in the importance of embracing automation to free up time for more human-centric tasks like idea generation and interpersonal communication. I predict that AI assistants will eventually be trusted to handle tasks like crafting emails, much like trusting a human assistant or intern.

By leveraging automation tools and AI, I feel that my business can focus on higher-level tasks and stay ahead in this age of automation. If you’re not exploring how these tools can benefit your business, I think you might be missing out on significant opportunities for growth and efficiency. Join me in embracing the age of automation!


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