VIDEO: Integrating OpenAI Assistants into Voiceflow using Flowise Instead of Replit

 @bo-sar  has these great videos on integrating OpenAI Assistants into Voiceflow using code hosted on Replit. Here is his November 25, 2023 tutorial:

and then he updates it on May 30, 2024 here:

These are awesome approaches. But I don’t understand why more people aren’t using Flowise to do this. Flowise has so many awesome features. One of which is an OpenAI Assistant tool that connects directly into your OpenAI Assistants. It’s so easy.

But I’m just wondering why no one is doing it this way. Everyone is doing it the code way using Replit. It’s totally fine. It seems like Flowise is an easier option.

Am I missing something?


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