A Family Run Online Marketing Company For Nonprofits

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A Middle Class Family That Wants To Do Good In The World


“Way” back in 2018 our family was featured in an article in Kiplinger called “Middle Class Families Making It Work.”

The premise of the article was about families who are living well on a “modest” income. Personally, I’ve never felt like our income was all that modest. We live a pretty cushy life in Akron Ohio.

You can read the article if you want. It was nice. But it didn’t really get to the heart of the matter, in my opinion.

We live a very intentional life based on very intentional values.

Family is critical to us. Our son Indy (pictured on the left above) is a huge focus for us. He will be moving on soon and we really value the time we spend with him.

Rocky’s parents live in the apartment below us in our duplex. They are doing very well. But it’s nice to have them close as they get older.

And then there is our work…

Sage is a noted activist in the homeless world. And Rocky is highly dedicated to the Waldorf Education movement. We live a principled life that is an incredible gift to be able to have.

With that in mind, we have really focused on specific clients we take on with our marketing agency, SageRock. We find that we do the best work for clients that we resonate with. Very often that is clients in the nonprofit sector… schools, hospitals, doctors and other nonprofits. We are very protective of the quality of work we put out. And we find we do our best work when we are working with people we feel passionate about.

So, as we potentially look for new clients we really want to partner with people that have a mission of doing good in the world and adding value to their community. If that is you, we’d like to talk with you.

You can click here to contact us. 

Or here are some links where you can read more about the services we offer:

Thank you for reading.

Have a good day.

Sage, Rocky and Indy.