SageRock – Technology solutions for Waldorf educators.

We can help your school make the most of technology in a meaningful, Waldorf-appropriate way.

Specializing in WordPress, Squarespace, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Zoom, AI, and online advertisement and marketing.


We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with many Waldorf schools and institutions.

Sage and Rocky Lewis with their son Indiana

Sage and Rocky, the founders of SageRock, are proud Waldorf parents. Rocky is currently the Admissions Director of Spring Garden Waldorf School in Copley Ohio. And Sage is providing a wide variety of technology services to several Waldorf organizations.

We are experienced digital marketers, image and video creators, and entrepreneurs with evolving nonprofit experience in communications and activism.  

  • WordPress Website Creation
  • Squarespace Website Creation
  • Online Social Engagement in places like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Online Marketing and Advertising like SEO, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing like Constant Contact, MailChimp and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Emerging Media like TikTok and Live Video Streaming
  • Zoom Account Management
  • Google Classroom Setup and Administration
  • Video Creation
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Google Workspace Administration
  • AI Marketing Tools and Strategies

Our Waldorf-only price is $50/hour.

If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help your Waldorf school, institution or organization please email Sage at [email protected]. You can also call or text him at: 330-416-7519


“Sage’s knowledge of website design in both WordPress and Squarespace, as well as his responsiveness and collaborative way of working, have been so valuable as we prepare to launch a new site. We happily recommend SageRock.” 

–Sacramento Waldorf School

Testimonial for Sage Lewis

August 2022

If you are looking for a technological advisor or manager, look for three qualities: technological savviness, heuristic wizardry, and a generous measure of human compassion. 

Sage Lewis co-mingles all three of these qualities in high concentration:

  • I am astonished how much he knows about the field of digital technology and how he keeps up with its relentless pace of change. 
  • I am so grateful for his innovative approach to solving practical problems, as well as his tireless enthusiasm for researching innovative solutions to fresh conundrums. 
  • I will be lastingly indebted to him for the way he treats his clients –– especially those techno-neophytes among us who would exhaust the patience of a lesser technician.

During the height of the pandemic when online classes became the primary vehicle for providing programs to our clients, the Center for Anthroposophy turned to Sage for advice in setting up a reliable virtual platform and then running it for us during the school year as well as during our intensive summer season. He designed an elegant and highly user-friendly edifice online for our six programs––all with their own idiosyncratic needs––and personally supervised the successful operation of each of them, even going so far as to sit in on classes to ensure they were running smoothly.

Put differently, like a good physician, Sage has his fingers on the pulse of the latest techniques and procedures; he is willing to explore with you untried remedies to new or unfamiliar ailments; and he has a great bedside manner.

A sage (not Lewis) once remarked that whenever you identify three of something in a person, look for a hidden fourth. In Sage Lewis it is the quality of being an in-born teacher of infinite leisure––the original meaning of the word “school”––rather than simply an efficient and impatient instructor. By his own admission, Sage loves a good problem, rejoices when you stumble into one (rather than scold you for not seeing it coming), heaps praise on you if you are able to extricate yourself from it. And should you actually want to learn from your mistakes, he will provide you, as they say, with “fishing rod” rather than with ready-caught “fish”.  

Of course, if you are starving or simply in a hurry, Sage is an excellent fishmonger, too.

It is with highest regard and warmest appreciation that I commend Sage Lewis if you are seeking wise guidance, practical advice, and good companionship in the creation and execution of technological programs and services for your institution – or just for yourself.

Douglas Gerwin, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Center for Anthroposophy

To Whom It May Concern:

Over the past two years, our educational non-profit organization, Center for Anthroposophy enjoyed the superb and professional services of SageRock, Inc. In addition to his expertise in multiple website development platforms and creativity in Zoom accounts management, Mr. Lewis is very pleasant to work with. His always friendly and cheerful, easy going demeanor makes what would otherwise be a stressful endeavor a very calm and reassuring experience. Mr. Lewis’s familiarity with nonprofits and schools (especially Waldorf) makes his role of our webmaster and Zoom traffic coordinator virtually (no pun intended ????) indispensable…

Please call or email me for further reference if needed.

Best regards, 

Milan Daler
Center for Anthroposophy
Office: 603-654-2566
Mobile: 603-732-6102
[email protected]