Waldorf School Social Media Management

We are a Waldorf family here at SageRock.

Sage and Rocky have their boy in Spring Garden Waldorf School. There are other families at SageRock with kids at Spring Garden as well.

Amy Hecky: Director of Marketing and Admission“Sage and Rocky enrolled their son at Spring Garden Waldorf School in kindergarten and immediately jumped in to use their professional knowledge to help promote the school.  Their intimate work on the school’s marketing committee led to a successful new brand.  They have used the new brand to design our website with all the features the committee felt were most important.  They have effectively spread the word about SGWS through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog posts, increasing traffic to our website.  We feel very blessed to have them as a part of our community.”
Amy Hecky: Director of Marketing and Admission at Spring Garden Waldorf School

Spring Garden School Web Site developed by SageRock.
Spring Garden School Web Site developed by SageRock.

We understand the values of Waldorf. And we have had amazing success with Spring Garden Waldorf School.

Building a strong community using digital tools is a great asset for Waldorf schools. We can help you use these tools in a way that makes sense for your school.

We developed their Web site, we manage their Facebook and Twitter and we write the blog.

The results have been striking. Here is a comparison of traffic from when we started, September 2011 to last month (February 2013, which is actually a shorter month):

Overall traffic is up 253%

Overall traffic is up 253%
Overall traffic is up 253%

Google traffic is up 128%


Facebook traffic is up 3,375%


We’ve been really proud of the work that we’ve done here.

We are now interested in helping other Waldorf schools achieve similar results.

Here is what we would like to offer:

  • 1 blog post each week.
  • Ongoing Facebook updating
  • Ongoing Twitter updating
  • Month progress reports of site traffic and social media progress.
  • SageRock System Membership
    • Comprehensive online learning video library
    • Comprehensive site management toolset
    • Weekly online group learning sessions.

This package is $495/month

We have gained a lot of insight into the Waldorf marketing world. We have seen what works and what doesn’t.

We would love to work with more Waldorf schools.

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