Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization — The processes of increasing a Web site’s visibility in search engines, and enhancing its value to visitors through page design, usability, linking, HTML tagging, and a focus on content and keywords.

Using SEO to attain top positions in free search listings for clients has been our service specialty since our firm’s founding in 1999.

Site Audits

A Site Audit provides an extremely clear picture of where you and your competitors stand with the search engines. SageRock does a thorough analysis of your existing site and any requested number of your competitors’ Web sites. When the service is complete, your company will own an online marketing strategy blueprint, suitable for insertion into any business plan. With this, you will have the ability to make completely educated determinations as to how to proceed with your online marketing approach, whether that includes outsourcing to an SEO firm or implementing all aspects of the online marketing strategy in-house.

Key Phrase Research

We research phrases to determine the most-searched and best long-term keyword strategy. This research will determine with what search queries your customers use and what phrases companies like yours use on their sites. By determining this, we can focus on phrases that drive qualified traffic that also are often overlooked by the competition. This research is the base for all other Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Optimizing Content

When a site does not have enough content, we encourage crafting optimized Web pages for your main site. These pages will both rank well in organic search engines and speak directly to targeted traffic in an effort to increase that traffic’s conversion to your most-wanted-response (MWR). Content for these pages may be provided by the client or crafted by a member of SageRock’s skilled writing team.


After mutually determining the key phrases you’d like to appear under prominently online, SageRock will structure the best search optimization wireframing strategy (sometimes called “creating themes”) based on the breadth of phrases chosen, their competitiveness in your field, and the current design and navigation structure of your site. Wireframing is defined as deciding what pages will be optimized for which phrases and how all those pages should interconnect to best guide users and spiders through the site by giving them the best presentation of important content.

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