In-House Training

Have SageRock Come Train Your Staff

Continued education is the cornerstone to online success. To help keep your staff at the forefront of internet technologies, SageRock would like to present a two-day seminar at your office covering new trends and reinforcing the essentials of solid web marketing. SAGEROCK IN HOUSE is designed to create an atmosphere of casual education focusing on the needs of the company and the staff in attendance.

·    4 different classes with 2 taught each day.
·    Each class would last approximately 3.5 hours.
·    A custom presentation & workshop is followed by an open question and answer session.

Here is an example schedule of a SAGEROCK IN HOUSE visit:

Day 1 AM: Writing for the Web
Day 1 PM: Branding Online
Day 2 AM: PPC Testing and Competitive Research
Day 2 PM: Social Media in a Corporate Environment

In this example, one educational and one conceptual class happens each day. A setup like this keeps people interested and allows for different people to enter into the conversation. From C-level to intern, SageRock strives to make sure each person gets the information he or she needs.

Service Specifics

Let SageRock come and educate your company on the latest in digital marketing. In this two-day, interactive workshop, SageRock will both train your staff and educate them on new technologies that are essential to your company’s marketing success.

Choose any combination of these topics or suggest your own:

  • Advancements in Banner Advertising
  • Demographic Marketing
  • Google Tools: Website Optimizer and Beyond
  • Online Branding
  • Online Video
  • Paid Search – Advanced ROI Refinement
  • Paid Search – Production 101
  • Paid Search — Testing and Competitive Research
  • Reaching Spanish-Speaking America
  • Search Engine Marketing – C-Suite
  • Search Engine Marketing – Production 101
  • Search Engine Optimization Tactics and Trends
  • Second Tier Paid Search Engines
  • Social Media 101
  • Social Media in the Corporate Environment
  • Tracking Radio, TV and Print Online
  • Vertical and Local Marketing
  • Writing for the Web

All presentations are tailored to include real examples from your company or your industry.

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