Analytics — The process of analyzing traffic volume, behavior, and conversion

Through the analysis of traffic volume, behavior, conversion, and interaction within a site, it is possible to accurately and effectively optimize an online marketing campaign to be tailored to targeted audiences.Studying financial Return-on-Investment (ROI), non-financial conversion goals, and Web site usability through server log file analysis is a service we insist every SageRock client implement and pursue with or without our guidance; it measures the success and justifies the expense of all online marketing efforts.

Statistical Tracking Setup

Statistical tracking verifies or denies everything you do with your Web site through gauging visitor volume and behavior, making it an essential component of a campaign if you want to understand how Web marketing performs for your site.Using third party software best suited for your needs, SageRock will work with your IT department or developer to set-up statistical tracking if you do not currently have adequate tracking capability.Having a solid statistical analysis component will allow you to evaluate the success of all your marketing efforts.Web site statistics are more accurate and informative than any statistics available in other media, removing the guesswork out of how to best market your site.

Statistical Tracking, Report Generation & Analysis

Statistical tracking is only as good as the reports generated and analyzed to help tailor and perfect a campaign.After installing your site’s analytics program, SageRock will generate comprehensive reports that analyze the site’s most-wanted responses, traffic entry points, paths through the site, stickiness-to-page view ratio, and conversion rate data, with search engine positioning reports also included.Depending on your preference and campaign needs, SageRock will meet on a regular basis to discuss and analyze the results and make recommendations for your campaign strategy and site usability.

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