What is Engagement Marketing?

When we first started SageRock we came up with the tagline: “We’re the people who get people to your site.”

We still have people reference that tagline even though we haven’t used it for several years.

It was a tagline right for the time.

When we started we were the people who brought the horse to the water. We felt it was not our job to make the horse drink.

Today we feel much differently.

Today we are very involved in getting that horse to drink.

Through a wide variety of metrics tools, marketing tools and sales tools we work closely with the entire client organization to make sure we are not only getting people to your Website but to also make sure we are getting those people to do more of exactly what you want them to do.

Additionally, in the social media world we are dealing with so much more than just the “site.”

We often want people to engage with you on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.

Not only do we want to get people to those properties, but we want them to do certain things as well.

The kind of response we are looking for on a social media property is often very different from the response we are looking for on the Website.

So, today we are Engagement Marketing specialists.

We pull people to your properties and then get them to do what you want them to do.

It’s not as catchy as “We’re the people who get people to your site,” but it’s a better definition.

Engagement Marketing. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.