Get Ready for Viveport™ Arcade, a location-based entertainment platform for virtual reality

(Unless you live anywhere other than China and Taiwan.)

Why do China and Taiwan get all the cool stuff these days?

The strategic cooperation between Vive and Leke VR will first deploy at 1000 select Leke VR experience stores by the end of the year and aims to bring more high-quality VR content to thousands more of VR experience stores across China, thus promoting the healthy development of the offline VR entertainment industry. The launch of Viveport Arcade marks an important step in Vive’s efforts to make Viveport available across PCs, mobile devices and offline experience stores. The platform, set to launch initially in China and Taiwan, will roll out to thousands of locations by the end of 2017. Experience store owners and VR content development teams are welcome to join the Viveport Arcade ecosystem. For partnership inquiries, please visit:

With this strategic partnership, Vive and Leke VR extend the scope and depth of their cooperation, which was originally focused on Vive’s hardware products. The two parties will fully utilize their respective advantages to jointly promote the development of the VR offline experience store market. Viveport Arcade VR content will be available in all of Leke VR’s offline experience stores through the VRLe platform, while Vive will be in charge of operations management and market support for the content in order to ensure an optimized VR experience for consumers. The partnership also stipulates that different feature content will be recommended to offline users each season, multiplying the cash flow for content developers.

“The arrival of hundreds of premium Viveport Arcade VR content on the VRLe offline content distribution platform provides offline VR consumers with more diversified user experiences and brings the total number of titles available on the VRLe platform to 300,” saidEvan He, CEO and founder of Beijing Leke VR Technology Co., Ltd. “The objective of this strategic partnership between Leke VR and Vive is to jointly promote the development of the VR content ecosystem. With this major boost, the VRLe offline content distribution platform will seek to continue enriching user experiences and cooperate with more VR content partners set on revolutionizing the VR experience.”

With this launch, Vive tackles the major challenge faced by experience stores to offer diverse high-quality VR content and provides them a path to upgrading their VR experience, thus creating more cash flow for content developers.

So tell me all about it because I probably am not going to be in China or Taiwan any time soon.

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