Dreadhalls and Sisters Coming to Playstation VR within Lucid Sight’s HeroCade VR Game Bundle

Lucid Sight, Inc is proud to announce the coming release of HeroCade, a unique VR gaming bundle featuring nine indie VR titles – including Dreadhalls from White Door Games and Sisters from Otherworld Interactive.

A New Kind of Immersive Horror:
Dreadhalls, previously only available on Oculus, is an intense, procedurally generated escape experience. Players will find themselves trapped in a dungeon occupied by deadly creatures roaming the dark halls. Equipped only with a faint light, players must try and avoid the dungeon dwellers and find the keys to its exit.

Dreadhalls took home Best Sound Design at the 2014 Proto Awards and earned an Honorable Mention at the 2013 VRJam. Playthroughs of the game have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

“I’m excited to release Dreadhalls in Playstation VR,” said Dreadhalls developer Sergio Hidalgo. “I’ve always wanted to have the game made available to as many people as possible, and this platform has the potential to reach millions of new players and introduce them to the new world of virtual reality, so I for sure wanted to be there!”

Be Careful Where You Look:
Sisters is an episodic haunted house meets room escape VR experience that tasks users to sift through room after room to find clues toward their sister’s mysterious and deadly past and disappearance. Developed by Otherworld Interactive, Sisters was hailed as one of Sundance 2016’s New Frontier Selections.

“[We’re] excited to share a taste of Sisters with PSVR players,” Otherworld Interactive said of the experience’s release on Sony’s flagship console.

A Variety of Experiences For One Affordable Price:
HeroCade is the perfect introduction bundle into the growing world of Virtual Reality. Featuring high octane endless racers like 405: Road Rage, immersive infinite shooters like Jurassic Survival, and even a good old blast from the past in Space Bit Attack, HeroCade has a little bit of everything to please gamers of all interests.

HeroCade will be priced at $15 USD which includes nine VR games bundled together. The titles included are Dreadhalls (Winner of Proto Award), Sisters (Sundance 2016’s New Frontier Selection), Jurassic Survival (Exclusive to HeroCade), PolyRunner VR, 405 Road Rage, Space Bit Attack, Zombie Strike, Turkey Hunt and Gumi No Yume.

HeroCade will be available for the PlayStation VR early 2017.

About Lucid Sight, Inc.
Lucid Sight, Inc. is a Los Angeles based software company founded by serial entrepreneurs Randy Saaf, Octavio Herrera and experienced game developer Fazri Zubair. Lucid Sight develops VR games and applications for the next generation of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality devices (Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR). Lucid Sight also provides advertisers an immersive and high-quality platform to engage with VR users.

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