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Are you “manscaping?” Why the hell not!?

Hot on the heels of the manscaping trend,, a San Diego based company, has launched two male grooming product and tool sets: Manscaped Perfect Package and Manscaped Nuts & Bolts. This comprehensive male grooming lineup includes everything a man needs to become refined, sophisticated, and manscaped.

The Manscaped product lineup includes these fancy manscaping items:

The Lawn Mower precision engineered trimmer
The Plow classic stainless steel razor
Crop Cleanser all-in-one body and personal wash
Crop Preserver deodorant moisturizer
Crop Reviver toner and refresher
Shears five-piece stainless steel nail kit
Magic Mat disposable shaving mats
The Shed leather travel bag

Manscaped carefully designed each tool to ergonomically work around a man’s private parts, and formulated each product with ingredients specifically for the extra sensitive skin “down there.”

The Lawn Mower features stainless steel blades with a unique quick-adjust safety guard specifically designed for coarse hair. And its non-slip handle fits easily in the palm for maneuverability around tight spaces, preventing nicks and snags. While The Lawn Mower trims effectively, Crop Preserver takes manscaping to the next level. This vitamin-infused liquid powder both moisturizes and deodorizes, helping to prevent chafing, irritation, and unpleasant odor. Not only that, it softens coarse hair over time, making maintenance even easier.

Recommended for men already familiar with manscaping, Manscaped Nuts & Bolts includes The Lawn Mower, Crop Preserver, Shears, and Magic Mat, while the Perfect Package features the entire product line, perfect for manscaping newbies.

Manscaped President and Chairman Steve King says, “Men’s grooming has always been focused on the face and body, but created a breakthrough in men’s grooming by focusing on a sensitive area of a man’s body that needed precision engineering, which was neglected ​in the market​. Manscaped also addresses the imbalance in personal grooming between the sexes.​ It was time ​someone​ made it easy for men to groom ALL over​,​ and to bring a little (or a lot) of loving back to our relationships​​.”

Manscaped is getting national attention in magazines such as GQ, Playboy, and Maxim. And no wonder: According to multiple surveys, 85% of women find an ungroomed man a major turn off, and 89% of men say that good grooming is essential to their professional success, which shows that manscaping’s effects extend beyond the bedroom.

Manscaped is the only male grooming company to create products specifically for a man’s grooming needs below the belt. Its products and tools provide a man with a quick and easy way to go from merely a man to a refined gentleman. For more information, head to

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