Startup Guarantees Great Date in 30 Days; No More Bots, Liars, Cheaters, or Exhibitionists

Online dating is finally culturally acceptable. But a reported 93% of singles still won’t make even one meaningful connection through a dating app this year.

The entrepreneurs behind Launch Social Inc. interviewed hundreds of these road-blocked romantics and found six consistent problems to be at fault.

The trio went on to design a solution. Launch is like a normal dating app, except completely different and it actually works (by addressing all six problems).

A few concrete ways Launch is unique:

  • Non-singles can play along (matching, verifying, describing, celebrating).
  • All users guaranteed a great date within 30 days (fair terms; no strings).
  • The app excludes all bots, liars, players, cheaters, and senders of dickpics.
  • Trust scores. Social accountability. Thoughtful messaging. Healthier norms.

What newsworthy thing is Launch doing now?

  • A Kickstarter campaign where supporters can “make dating awesome” by pledging just $1.

Launch expects readers to care about this campaign because:

  • Despite 2,500 dating services on the market, over 100 million Americans are still single.

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