SageRock Pricing

SageRock has three primary service offerings: SageRock System, SageRock Self-Service, SageRock Full Service.

The goal of each service offering is to provide a high quality service for a wide variety of people in different points within their marketing needs.


SageRock System
The SageRock System is a highly structured, complete, step-by-step Internet marketing program.Some of the things it includes are:

  • Key Phrase Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content management and SEO analysis
  • Social media management and monitoring
  • Link building and management
  • Analytics integration
  • Search ranking reports
  • A private discussion forum to get all your specific questions answered
  • Live online group training classes
  • A huge learning library

The SageRock System is an instructor guided process to give you everything you need to make a complete Web marketing program.
You will be guided through every step of the way.

The SageRock System is currently $450 per month on a month to month basis.

You can download the full PDF of The SageRock System here.

SageRock Self-Service
SageRock Self-Service inlcudes everything in the SageRock System plus 2 private one-on-one consulting sessions each month.These can be held either on the phone or in person at SageRock.On top of everything you get with The SageRock System you also receive two private 1 hour consulting sessions per month with the SageRock team to help you push your Web marketing to the highest possible level.We will meet with you to discuss your specific goals, objectives and individual hurdles.This is the time where you get the help you need to push your online marketing to the next level.The SageRock team speaks, writes and consults all over the country. You will be given direct access to this elite team.

The SageRock Self-Service Solution – $1500 per month (with a 3 month commitment)

You can download the full PDF of SageRock Self-Service here.

SageRock Full Service Complete Engagement Marketing

With the SageRock Full Service Complete Engagement Marketing Solution we become your complete Web marketing department.Based on goals established we will develop a comprehensive strategy focused on digital marketing content and channel creation, cohesion, usability, testing and tracking in order to more effectively craft and measure the success of your online sales channel.Included Services:

  • Paid Search Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Public Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Our focus and specialty is engagement marketing. We work with our clients on creating campaigns and marketing processes that generate traffic and then get that traffic to do more of what our clients what this traffic to do.

The SageRock Full Service Complete Engagement Marketing Solution starts at  $5000 per month (with a 6 month commitment)

You can download the full PDF of SageRock Full Service Complete Engagement Marketing Solution here.

While these are the primary services we offer, we also offer very customized services. If you are interested in seeing how we might be able to help you with your particular Web marketing needs please let us know.