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It’s never been easier to create you own small business website, but where to begin? We believe WordPress is the best Content Management System online for small businesses. Let us help with Web Site Development; WordPress Blog Installation and Setup; Hosting and FTP Management and Web Content Creation.


Product Description

This can include things like:

Web Site Development

Below are a few Web sites we have created. You can click on them to see a bigger representation and read their individual goals.

SageRock takes a very distinct approach to Web development.

While we have created Web sites over the years we have rarely promoted that fact.

There’s a few reasons for that.

Primarily, we don’t take most Web development projects.

We are traffic people. We are all about generating traffic and getting that traffic to convert.

If the project or the key players aren’t focused on that then we probably aren’t the right company for the job.

But if the primary focus of the Web site is to make sales or be a lead generation machine then we are oftentimes very interested in the project.

In fact, if the client is highly focused on those kinds of goals we will often fight very aggressively to get the job. We love working on those kinds of projects!

If you are interested in testing, tracking, analyzing and iterating to make the most effective Web site possible, we want to work with you!

If you don’t know what that last sentence means, you probably should find someone else for the job. In fact, we know a lot of Web developers. Contact us and we’ll give you the low down on the Web developer landscape.

WordPress Blog Installation and Setup

Anyone can get a WordPress blog setup.

But getting it setup so it is optimized for good search engine spidering, is secure and is regularly backed up so that you are protected from possible server failures is another story.

Standard services we provide for WordPress blog setup include:

  • We setup all the WordPress basics which included the files and database creation.
  • We reconfigure the standard admin account to be more hardened and consequently more secure.
  • We setup and configure the API of a blog spam blocking tool.
  • We reconfigure the RSS feed to point to a more robust RSS generating tool.
  • We install a Google Analytics plugin.
  • We setup Google Analytics for the site.
  • We establish custom variables within Google Analytics to track posts by year and by categories.
  • We install and configure a more robust commenting tool.
  • We setup an additional site statistics tracking tool to look at the stats from another perspective.
  • We install, setup and configure a caching tool to make the site run faster.
  • We install and configure a backup tool that emails us weekly backups of the database to protect against any possible system failure.
  • We setup and configure search engine optimization tools to make the site more searchable and also take care of duplicate content issues.
  • We setup the site so that it responsively reconfigures the entire site if someone is on a phone or tablet. This will make the site more usable in a mobile environment.
  • We reconfigure the urls of the entire system so that they read better and are more search engine friendly.

These are typical procedures we implement on every WordPress installation we do.

SageRock Places

SageRock Places gives you Websites and blogs with benefits. We give you a complete content management system to create your main Website or blog. But that’s only the beginning of SageRock Places. SageRock Places then guides you step-by-step in how to make your Website generate more traffic and get that traffic to do more of what it is you want it to do. SageRock Places is a highly effective, highly affordable service. Click here to learn more.

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