Social Media Marketing

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Includes services such as a full Social Media Audit; Channel Setup,; Message Creation, Management and Promotion; Cross Marketing between channels, email and more.


Product Description

Social Media Marketing — Web sites and technologies that support and encourage user-generated content and conversation through blogs, photos, videos, news forums, and more.

SageRock can maximize your exposure in all social media spaces by creating the presence, content, strategy, and voice needed to participate in major sites and networks. SageRock can help find targeted social media opportunities and place you prominently in those areas.

Social Media Strategy

We will help you determine what social media opportunities will benefit your company through traffic-generation, customer care, brand management, special promotions, viral marketing, and user response. Additionally, SageRock will help you brainstorm to create and implement winning strategies for ongoing social media involvement.

Social Media Account Setup and Monitoring

Social Networks are a constantly changing and evolving landscape. At present, there are hundreds of thousands of social networking sites and around one billion registered social network users. From Facebook to Digg to Twitter and beyond, it can be an overwhelming environment for any company to enter. SageRock will work, not to simply saturate your business in the social media realm, but to ensure that your company has presence in the right social networks and is talking to the right users in that space. From account set-up, to brand management, to monitoring the effectiveness of your conversations, you will find SageRock working with you and your customers every step of the way.

Blog Services

Blogs are essential communication tools for companies because the information in them is fresh, engaging, and may be optimized for users as well as search engine spiders. A blog can be an essential outreach tool for starting a conversation, promotion, or controlling a situation, and as a stepping stone to becoming involved in multiple social networks. Almost all Web sites may benefit from running an optimized blog and SageRock can handle everything from ideation to creation and ongoing maintenance, depending on your assessed needs.

External Blog Promotion

Viral marketing and campaign awareness can be effectively promoted within blogs both internally and externally. There are many ways to motivate external bloggers to post about your campaign. From creative promotional ideas to setting up “pay per post” campaigns and other external blogging opportunities, SageRock will help you get the most out of your external blogging efforts.

Video Distribution and Promotion

Video is one of the most popular and engaging media online today and lets you put a face and a reach to your marketing in ways that were previously only available through traditional and expensive media outlets like television. We will help you distribute, promote, and optimize your videos for all available channels including YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Mogulus, and others.

In the vast and ever-changing landscape that is social media, the above is only a portion of what SageRock can offer in your online endeavors. Many more Social Media services are available. Call (330)379-9000 or email [email protected]

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