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Includes, but is not limited to, Paid Search Evaluation and Strategy Assessment;  Adwords Setup and Management; Display Media Creation, Placement and Tracking; Display and Text Ad Re-marketing.


Product Description

This could include things such as:

Paid Search Evaluation and Strategy Assessment

Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes on your paid search campaigns.

We often find that companies have paid search teams in place. They aren’t looking for a completely outsourced solution. They just want to see if they can increase leads and lower their cost per acquisition with the team they currently have.

SageRock offers the Paid Search Evaluation and Strategy Assessment for this specific situation.

This will give you access to a top paid search expert at SageRock who will carefully review your complete paid search campaign.

Some of the things we’ll be looking at include:

  • Campaign structure
  • Geo-targetting
  • Negative keywords
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Quality score
  • Landing page optimization
  • Ad structure effectiveness
  • Conversion optimization

Paid Search

Paid Search — Form of on-line advertising that allows individuals (advertisers) to pay for positioning in search results, only paying when their “sponsored ad” is clicked by the user

Setting up and managing strategy for Pay-Per-Click services (PPC) now constitutes exactly 50% of our service focus at SageRock. While each campaign strategy we create is custom-made for optimum results, we employ a standard, tried-and-true approach for every paid search client.

Key Phrase Research

We research phrases to determine the most-searched and best long-tail keyword strategy. This research will determine with what terms your audience is using to perform their searches and how much placing ads for these terms will cost per click. In determining this, we focus on phrases that generate qualified traffic at the best possible price.

Paid Search Account Setup

Getting started in paid search can be confusing for many companies. With our Paid Search Account Setup Service you don’t have to worry any more. At SageRock we make sure your accounts are setup with the proper architecture to perform with your particular marketing strategy. Regardless of the engine – Google Ad Words, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN, SuperPages or others – we correctly set-up accounts to ensure each is optimized and scalable to meet growing needs.

Paid Search Account Management

Paid Search campaigns need continual adjustment and optimization. A perfect setup is just the foundation. Reassessment and adjustments of bids, budgets, targeting scenarios, copy, and phrases are key components in keeping your Paid Search efforts running smoothly. When SageRock manages your account we make sure that you know what is going on and why. From bid management tools to constant personal review and testing we use a variety of means to make you the most competitive and effective in this space.

Landing Page Optimization

A valuable part of optimizing a Paid Search campaign includes creating dedicated landing pages for Paid Search traffic. These pages, which may also be used strategically with your main site, will speak directly to targeted traffic in an effort to increase that traffic’s conversion to your Most Wanted Response (MWR). We can work with your development team to create new landing pages if needed or work extensively to test and optimize landing pages to get the best conversion rate possible for your target audience.

Accountable and Affordable

While some firms charge per phrase or charge a percentage of what you spend, which can in fact punish a client for expanding a campaign, we at SageRock disagree with those pricing models. We prefer to instead charge for the work completed on your behalf and are accountable to the revenue generated and ROI of each ad. Custom pricing models are available and we will work with you to determine a model that fits you and your business.

We have many more Paid Search services are available.

We also do a lot of work in Display Media Creation, Placement and Tracking; Display and Text Ad Re-marketing.

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