Link Building Is Dead. Long Live Link Building! The Book

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Link Building Is Dead. Long Live Link Building! The Book. By Sage Lewis

Understanding links is absolutely critical in today’s content, inbound, SEO world.If you don’t have a link building strategy you aren’t doing online marketing. It’s as simple as that.

This book shows you how to properly build links to generate targeted, quality traffic to your site.

Here’s a music video I did for the book:


This is my first book and has been years in the making.

Possibly the most ridiculous idea I had was to write a book about link building. Because as we’re seeing, the world of link building is a crazy mixed up place.

I’m constantly updating information, changing findings. It’s the proverbial herding cats situation.

But I have to say, I’m actually quite proud of it. I think it tells a story that needs to be told. There is an incredible amount of incorrect thinking that goes on in link building. Links become the “precious” of Gollum in The Hobbit.

the-hobbit-gollumLink collecting corrupts the minds of otherwise very rational people. And consequently we are now seeing many people pay a steep price as Google continues to roll out algorithm updates with the Penguin Updates.

We all need to take a step back and look at what links are meant to be. This book does that.

If you are interested in search engine optimization and digital marketing as a whole, I think you’ll find this book interesting.

It’s currently 216 quick pages. I try to make an otherwise dull topic interesting and useful.

These are people I’d love to see read the book:

  • Public Relations students starting a career in 21st century public relations.
  • Anyone actively doing public relations today. You all are the closest thing to modern day link builders. You just need a little push in the right direction.
  • Anyone who buys, sells, exchanges links for their clients. Please get this book!
  • Anyone who is using an SEO professional. Google holds you accountable for the work the consultants do for you. If you get penalized because of low quality link building tactics it’s all on you.

I’m super excited about all this coming together. I hope you find it as fun and useful to read as it was to write it.


If you are a link builder, content marketer or SEO, this book is required reading.

BoykinJim Boykin

This book clearly guides readers around the rocky shores and hopefully will prevent shipwrecks.

bruce-clayBruce Clay

“If you want to understand how to attract more people to your website on a consistent basis, read this book.”
Joe PulizziJoe-Pulizzi

Sage Lewis has crafted an exceptional book on link building. He packs in a ton of tips and innovative techniques. His unmistakable personality shines through amid the invaluable advice that he presents with doses of his refreshing humor. Agencies and companies large and small will easily absorb link development options that they can put into place right away to achieve online marketing success.

Mike-MurrayMike Murray