Attorney Internet Marketing Case Study

SageRock has helped divorce attorney and family law lawyer, Deborah Monaco, achieve significant success online.

By utilizing the search engine optimization and Internet marketing capabilities of SageRock, Attorney Monaco has dominated the search engine results within her region.

In addition to that, Attorney Monaco is able to easily update her website with quality content that helps qualify her potential clients and increases her ability to generate traffic from the search engines.

Some of the many phrases that generate traffic for her include:

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By working closely with SageRock search engine marketing specialists, Attorney Monaco has achieved top rankings by use of targeted search terms.

The attorney Internet marketing that SageRock has provided has enabled her to develop a steady stream of new clients while she focuses on what is important to her business.

Attorney Deborah Monaco“The expertise that SageRock has brought to my firm has far surpassed my expectations.  I would have never guessed that I would now be one of the leading family law attorneys within my region when it comes to rankings on the search engines.  I have more prospective clients than my office can handle and, as such, I am able to select the types of clients and cases that I prefer. SageRock’s professional guidance and experience in creating a comprehensive Web presence has made all the difference. I am extremely grateful for having found SageRock.”
– Attorney Deborah Monaco

The attorney Internet marketing accomplished for the family law practice of Attorney Monaco has been systematic and meant to create a long-term success both with the search engines and also with her clients.

A successful attorney Internet marketing strategy must not only position the attorney well within the search engines, it must also create an online experience that is viewed positively by potential clients. Internet marketing is not just about generating traffic. Internet marketing is about converting that traffic to actual clientele.

SageRock understands very precisely why attorneys hire them for their Internet marketing. Simply put, it’s about getting new clients.

If you would like to see if SageRock might be able to help you with your attorney Internet marketing, click here to ask for more information.