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15 Broad Street Akron, Ohio 44305

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SageRock Offerings

We have 2 primary offerings: The SageRock System and SageRock Consulting.

SageRock System

The SageRock System is:

  • Total access to our video learning library
  • Group consulting
  • Comprehensive digital marketing tools and reporting.

The SageRock System has been growing since about 2011.

The SageRock System is all about us guiding and strategizing for you. Through group consulting, a huge learning library and a comprehensive tool set, we help you leverage the digital marketing landscape quickly and efficiently.

Think of us as your coaches, guides and consultants. We are here to pick you up when you fall, inspire you to get to the next level and be you sounding post.

You can view the current pricing options here.

This is our focus. The SageRock System is growing fast. As it grows the price will increase. But whatever price you lock in will be yours as long as you stay a member.

Go here to learn more.

SageRock Consulting

If we have the bandwidth we provide a service called SageRock Consulting.

It is one-on-one consulting typically with Sage and Greg. It last for 2 to 3 hours. We work with you during that time to review where you are and strategize where you are going.

It will be the most valuable time you will have for your marketing. The value we bring to you is our experience. Whether it’s optimizing a site in Spanish, taking your marketing automation to the next level or just figuring out what the hell you should be doing to begin with, this time is all yours.

Our experience is your secret weapon. You simply can’t get the perspective we have by sitting in your office working on your own marketing. We can drastically change your perspective.

You can download the complete SageRock Consulting documentation here:
Consulting Services PDF



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About Us

Being in business since 1999 we’ve had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients. Big clients (like multinational stuff) and small clients (1 person out of their house).

Our favorite type of client is one that is seriously interested in being successful online. They are willing to learn new things. And they have an open mind to an incredibly fast moving industry.


We have been very fortunate to get some great testimonials. You can read them here.

Company Types

In general, we really like working with b2b clients. We are very focused on helping track conversions. We know that marketing a b2b product or service can take some time. We have many different ideas and strategies to help move the prospect along the entire sales funnel.

We are not just interested in getting you leads. We are very interested in knowing how those leads progress and helping make them become customers.

Staying Current

We are very curious and experimental with all kinds of technology and tools. From CRM’s to marketing automation to social media management to landing page optimization. We are always excited to get our hands on the latest tools so we can see if they are a useful fit for our clients.


Communication is one of those things that you can easily test. Call us: 330-379-9000 or email Sage at: [email protected] We don’t always get it right because we’re so small and busy with our clients. But we try damn hard to be awesome communicators.


We are a very small firm. We’ve been larger, probably 25 people at our peak. But we really like being small. Right now the full time employees are

  • Sage – I’m writing this, actually. I’m the president and big picture guy. I’m a dreamer and always prefer thinking about what “could be” for our clients. I will give you ideas that will make you uncomfortable. You’ll want to (and probably will) tell me “no.” But if you want to grow you need to try new things.I’m also really good at HTML, WordPress, Marketing Strategy, SEO and social media publishing and advertising.
  • Greg – Greg is the full meal deal. He is so thoughtful and so smart. There isn’t anything in Web marketing that you would not want him working on. He will sometimes produce things a little slower than me. But it’s only because he’s making it great. Any wait you might have will be well worth it. His paid search skills are second to none (and I’ve seen a lot of good paid search people).His social media concepts are always ahead of the curve. If you want to use social media the way it should be used you probably should give him a listen. He will optimize all your online advertising for the best possible conversion metric. He’s also a very good designer. Look: I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. None are better than Greg.
  • Rocky – Rocky is my wife and the “Rock” of SageRock. She took some years off to spend more time with our son, Indiana. But she’s back now as our lead writer. Before SageRock she traveled the world as an editor for American Machinist. She is constantly writing these days. It makes her fierce! Rocky has shown me that a powerful writer will make you great. No matter how amazing your products or services are, a poor writer will make you look like an amateur.As I write this her hours are almost completely booked up. She’s hard to get these days. But if you have a product she’s interested in it’s worth a shot to see if she’ll write for you. Additionally, she’s so disciplined. If she says you are getting 3 articles a week you are getting 3 articles a week until you tell her to stop. That might sound obvious. But it’s not. Most people can’t keep up a schedule like that month after month. Year after year. Rocky can.

Why are we small?

As I mentioned above, we’ve been bigger. Quite honestly: I hated it! The quality of work degrades exponentially. Show me a big agency and I’ll show you someone who is more interested in taking your money than they are making great work. It’s why you are seeing big brands leaving agencies and working with new partners in places like fashion. Fashion has passion. Agencies are just churning.

Right or wrong, it’s always been about the quality of work for me.

That said, I’m not apposed to making money. The SageRock System and SageRock Consulting allow us to solve both problems. Those two services scale well as a business while still allowing us to be world class.

We still currently do full service work. But it’s only on our terms. We have to be able to be great. Otherwise we’ll pass.


We are not fancy. We aren’t even particularly expensive. In fact, the SageRock System is one of the more affordable consulting programs you will find anywhere. That’s intentional. We want to be accessible to people that want to do great work. We don’t want the determining factor to be how big your wallet is.

The fact is, to do great digital marketing you have to want it. You have to really want it. Dialing it in is not going to cut it. You aren’t going to do great work. In fact, you will probably give up and say that online marketing doesn’t work.

It take time, dedication and effort. And the results are like none other. You will achieve greatness beyond your wildest imagination. That’s the kind of client we want to work with. We will work with you to make you great.