National Speakers Association Evaluation

I (Sage) just got the evaluations for the speaking engagment I did for the National Speakers Association in Columbus Ohio.

It was an all day conference. There were 2 speakers who spoke for about 2 hours each. I had a quick 30 minute spot.

I’ve pulled out the comments that had to do with my speaking. I didn’t remove any negative ones. Actually, many these are negative… in a way. Apparently, they wanted more Sage in their diet. 🙂

What was the best thing you got out of today?

  • The importance of Google analytics.
  • Find others who think like you on Linked In
  • Sage’s info about Google and local ‘claim it’
  • Claiming my site on Google
  • Steve and Sage were also extremely helpful.

What do you wish would have been included today?

  • More time and detail with Sage would be great. So much to cover with social media.
  • More from Sage Lewis!
  • I want more from Sage. He was great!
  • More time for Sage Lewis
  • More from Sage Lewis and social networking.
  • More time for Sage.
  • More time for Sage Lewis.

Other Comments: (Use back of page if needed)

  • Great meeting as always
  • Great, great day!
  • Thanks!
  • Excellent as always!
  • Good day.
  • Not enough time for Sage.
  • Need more time with Sage.
  • Sage – too short. Was this by design?
  • Sage was great. Wished for more!
  • Sage had great energy.