COSE Small Businesses Conference Workshop Evaluation

I (Sage) just got back the evaluations I got for a Cose Conference workshop I did on getting over your Social Media Fears.

These are all of the comments (including the not-so-good ones):

1.    Sage rocks!
2.    Didn’t really talk about getting over fears – how to protect oneself
3.    The most engaging speaker at COSE!
4.    100% A+ Awesome. Enthusiasm.
5.    Wow! Great! Thanks!
6.    Needed more time for this speaker!
7.    I am a novice and could use an advice for my company and myself.
8.    He should present at every opportunity for COSE.
9.    Sage, you are very dynamic! I love it!
10.    Sage was the best speaker I have heard at the conference.
11.    needed to talk more about the privacy of all this social media.
12.    Sage is enthusiastic about his work. Full of good info. He put passion into his topic. Time flew.
13.    Great energy! Great info!
14.    Engaging speaker with a great sense of humor to help with the info/presentation
15.    Sage was enthusiastic about his subject. He was well informed.
16.    I understand this better
17.    Great passion
18.    Great speaker, very engaging